World on the Edge by Lester R. Brown

Plan B 4.0 by Lester R. Brown

Lester Brown connects the dots between the complexities of climate change, water stress, desertification, food shortages and overpopulation better than anyone.  While he paints a dire picture of the crises we face, he dedicates half of each book to solutions and strategies that can bring about a sustainable future.

Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food by Paul Greenberg

Focusing on four fish we eat most often: salmon, tuna, bass and cod, Greenberg has written a fascinating and entertaining book about seafood, commercial fishing, and aquaculture. It’s filled with interesting natural history, science, and human interest.

When the Rivers Run Dry by Fred Pearce

Pearce’s overview of global water issues is comprehensive, compelling and alarming. In the end, however, he offers up success stories of water crises that have been averted.